Guidance & Counseling Department

In the guidance and counseling department, our most powerful source on influencing clients in a healthy and positive direction is through our own living examples of who we are as well as a willingness to become the person we want to be.
If we as guidance counselors we hide behind the safety of our professional roles, then we will not be surprised if our students (clients) do likewise and keep to themselves.
This is a department where our output may not be realized on the spot (physical) but behavioral change and even academic excellence is a reflection of what counseling does to students.
We believe in being available for our clients, creating trust building a lasting relationship and walking with our clients.
Our passion is to see clients accepting their uniqueness, building confidence self-esteem and living better lives every day of their life.
It is through our readiness as well as our aliveness that we are in a position to significantly reach and touch our clients.  Despite the challenges, we never give up we believe yesterday is history, today is a gift and tomorrow is not ours.